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Latin America

Political cycle and Economic Policy in Latin America: challenges for the future.

In 2018, eight countries in the region are going to the polls. In a context marked by weak economic growth and trade tensions, it is an open question whether and how this electoral cycle could cause a dramatic shift in economic policy and developments in the region. YSI Latin America would like to invite Young Scholars in the region to present their contributions for a discussion on the following topics:

  • Analysis of economic and political national developments in the region - How recent economic developments interact with the political shifts observed in Latin America?
  • From oil prices to poll outcomes - As countries in the region continue to struggle with the collapse of commodity prices, how can we account for the historical relationship between commodity prices and political cycles in Latin America? How is it connected with trade and productive specialization?
  • Continuity in the midst of change? - Do elections imply a radical change of policies in the region or is Latin America slowly converging to a new policy consensus?
  • Falling further behind - Despite a synchronized global recovery, the region continues to underperform the rest of the world. How can governments across the region turn around this dynamic?
  • Where does regional integration go from here? - As recent elections have changed the direction of regional integration and the rest of the world turns to protectionism, what are the implications for regional trade?
  • Inequality and income distribution - How the future economic perspectives for the region could deal with the persistent inequality in Latin American countries?
  • Technological gap and industry 4.0 - Are the new elections prepared to discuss the obsolescence of the productive structure and technological policies needed to face the fourth industrial revolution?

We encourage contributions that foster a multidisciplinary approach.

Questions concerning this call may be sent to: [email protected]

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