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Economics of Innovation

Innovation-led growth, policies and socio-economic transformation in Latin America and beyond

Researchers and policy-makers face a multitude of challenges in order to discuss and achieve virtuous and inclusive socio-economic development. Tackling these challenges implies an understanding of a multiple number of aspects underlying the dynamics of economic systems. In this call for papers we are interested in the following aspect: how to tackle innovation-oriented research and policy for development and to facilitate innovation-led growth, especially in Latin America. We are also interested in discussing innovation-led structural transformation and other approaches, particularly relevant to Latin American region, such as neo-structuralism and Science, Technology and Society (STS) studies.

Innovation should be no longer understood in purely technological and / or economic terms. It is relevant to add new elements to the analysis, given the complexity involved in the theory and the variety of social, environmental and political challenges prevalent in our times. This is also exacerbated by the ambivalence of Technology. More explicitly, technologies are often characterized by varying organizational forms, financing arrangements, labor relations and arguably socio-political contexts. Such complexity is reflected in multi-faceted STI policies (from industrial policy to education). These aspects are often conceived for innovation-led growth strategies, and they require complex competences from policy makers and respective public agencies. There is also an emerging interest in looking at STI policies from a distributional perspective, i.e. to go beyond growth-oriented approach in order to tackle issues that have been traditionally confined to social policy arena (social inequality and stratification, integration, regional development). Furthermore, innovation can be also understood in the context(s) of public sector organizations as well as social enterprises.

We therefore welcome contributions, particularly from scholars based in Latin America. We really encourage applicants to submit papers in English but submissions in Spanish and Portuguese will also be considered. Scholars based outside the region are also welcome to apply. However, because of funding limitations, scholars from outside the Latin American region are strongly advised to consider the possibility to have their travel expenses covered.

We welcome both theoretical and empirical contributions, single-case or comparative papers. The list of suggested topics includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Innovation for sustainable development and social equality
  • Innovation and socio-economic development in Latin America
  • Theoretical aspects of innovation
  • National, regional and sectoral systems of innovation
  • Political economy of innovation
  • Technology transfer and catching-up strategies
  • STI policies for innovation-led growth
  • Distributional effects of STI policies
  • Innovation and industry studies, including firm studies
  • Innovation and Global Value Chains 
  • Global Innovation Networks
  • Technology and labor relations, including digitization of labor
  • Indigenous knowledge and innovation
  • Grass root innovation and bottom-up approaches
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise
  • Financing of innovation, including policy finance
  • Innovation and urban development, including infrastructure
  • Innovation and green growth, including energy transition
  • Financial innovation
  • Governance of innovation and innovation agencies
  • Public sector innovation
  • Social innovation

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