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    2019 Annual ASEER (GSÖBW) Conference

    Crossing Borders, Embracing Pluralism: Perspectives on Teaching Socio-Economics and Pluralism in Economics

    Event Conference

    What is the relationship between pluralist economics and interdisciplinary socio-economics? How does pluralist academic teaching need to be structured in economics or business administration in order to be successful? What should interdisciplinary socio-economic study programs look like, and how should teacher training in the field be designed? What kinds of new study materials, textbooks, and teaching methods are required?

    Artha Vivaad: Innovation Economy and the State

    Event Discussion

    A panel discussion on the importance of the role of the state alongside private enterprise to encourage innovative entrepreneurship, productivity and economic growth in an “Innovation Economy.”

    3rd Law Economics Policy Conference, 2018

    Event Conference

    Organized by the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), New Delhi in collaboration with the Institute of New Economic Thinking, New York, the aim of the Law Economics Policy Conference series is to bring together legal, economic, and public policy thinkers to consider a variety of real world issues in India in a holistic manner.