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    3rd Law Economics Policy Conference, 2018

    Event Conference

    Organized by the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), New Delhi in collaboration with the Institute of New Economic Thinking, New York, the aim of the Law Economics Policy Conference series is to bring together legal, economic, and public policy thinkers to consider a variety of real world issues in India in a holistic manner.

    Inclusive or Exclusive Global Development?

    Scrutinizing Financial Inclusion

    YSI Event Workshop YSI

    Microfinance and then financial inclusion have become buzzwords in international development. Such initiatives have mobilised and generated  large amounts of development funding, despite substantial amount of critique. Such critiques call for a more impartial assessment of the effectiveness of financial inclusion on the grounds that funds for microfinance, they argue, displaced development spendings on healthcare, education or infrastructure. In addition, the focus on expansion of financial markets to ‘bank’ and financially ‘include’ the poor may divert attention from more comprehensive and effective poverty reduction strategies. Critiques of this ‘way of doing development’ are often sidelined and labelled as ‘extreme’, ‘sloppy’ or ideology-driven rather than evidence-based. We believe that there is a need for contemporary development scholars from all disciplines to engage in those debates. This half-day workshop would bring in such scholars to discuss what we have learned from a decade of research on the microfinance, and how financial inclusion and the emergence of fintech may offer new opportunities - as well as risks - in for inclusive global development. 

    LALICS-YSI INET Academy 2018

    YSI Event Workshop YSI

    Our focus is on teaching and discussing theoretical and empirical methods related to the innovation processes in Latin America and the Caribbean and how these are linked to the economic development of the region. The Academy offers the opportunity to connect students to a research community integrated by high profile researchers.

    YSI @ FMM Conference: 10 Years after the Crash

    YSI Event Conference YSI

    What did societies and politicians learn from the crash? What have been theoretical achievements in orthodox and heterodox economic thinking since then? Where do we go from here?

    1st GLOBELICS pre-Conference for Young Scholars

    Workshop Series on Financing of Innovation and Infrastructure for Development

    YSI Event Workshop YSI

    The YSI Economics of Innovation, Economic Development and Africa Working Groups, in partnership with Global Network for Economics of Learning, Innovation and Competence Building Systems (GLOBELICS), Globelics Alumni, are organizing the 1st GLOBELICS Pre-Conference for Young Scholars entitled ‘Financing of Innovation and Infrastructure for Development’.

    Economics and the Development of Africa

    YSI Workshop @ 13th Annual Meeting of the African Economic History Network

    YSI Event Workshop YSI

    The YSI Africa Working Group is convening in Bologna, Italy in conjunction with the 13th Annual Meeting of the African Economic History Network. Our meeting in Bologna follows what promises to be a successful convention in August 2018 at the YSI Africa Convening in Harare, Zimbabwe. The YSI Africa Working Group is committed to continuing important conversations about how economic history can contribute to the study of development of Africa. We are particularly interested in thinking about the types of new approaches to the study of economics and economic history.