Young Scholars Initiative (YSI)

Through the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI), INET provides support to the next generation of new economic thinkers. YSI provides a collaborative, open environment for young scholars to explore their interest in new economic thinking, and facilitates connections with the Institute’s vast network of economists.

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6th Annual UNCTAD YSI Summer School 2023

YSI Event Conference YSI | Aug 28–31, 2023

Under the shared premise that no country alone can address the multiple challenges posed by intertwining and intensifying economic, social and environmental crises, this year’s lectures will discuss prospects and obstacles for a green and equitable transformation of the global economy. View details

Inclusive Development: Role of Employment and Environment

Event Conference | Mar 28–30, 2023

Inclusive development especially the role of employment opportunities in a changing world of work and the environment in envisioning inclusiveness View details

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The problems in economics are well-known: rigid, unimaginative, divorced from society. The YSI community is the antithesis: flexible, creative, real-world. The members model the change they want to see. Together, they form the next generation of new economic thinkers.

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YSI Projects

Throughout the year, members of the YSI community collaborate on hundreds of projects like webinars, workshops, and reading groups. Each project provides a different avenue for the exploration of new economic thinking. A selection of past projects can be found on YSI’s YouTube Channel. Upcoming projects are listed on YSI’s calendar.

Working Groups

Members are organized into 21 thematic groups, each of which focuses on an area of economics that is often overlooked, including:

Economic Development
Economic History
Economics of Innovation
Financial Stability
Gender and Economics

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Status quo vs YSI setting

Conform > Creative
Competitive > Cooperative
Elitist > Serving society
Detached observer > Engaged citizen
Method-centric > Question-centric
Disciplinary > Transdisciplinary

10 Years of Growth

Since it’s inception in 2012, YSI has grown into a formidable network for the next generation of new economic thinkers

2012 - YSI Commons @ INET Paradigm Lost Conference

2013 - Community Guidelines defined

2015 - YSI @ Trento Festival of Economics

2016 - Global Plenary Budapest, Hungary

2017 - Festival for New Economic Thinking in Edinburgh, Scotland

2018 - Europe Convening (Trento, Italy), Latin America Convening (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Africa Convening (Harare, Zimbabwe)

2019 - North America Convening (Los Angeles, California), Asia Convening Hanoi, Vietnam

2020 - Virtual Plenary (Online)

2022 - Surpassed 20,000 members


Annual report 2023

Annual report 2022

Annual report 2021

Event Grants

To support young scholars who want to organize an event that explores new economic thinking outside of the YSI community, YSI offers 15+ event grants a year. Learn more here.

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