Carbon Pricing Isn’t Effective at Reducing CO2 Emissions

And electric vehicles don’t do a lot better

By Lance Taylor

Working Paper | Finance

Country Risk

Analyzing corporate conference calls reveals the way that countries perceive and spread risk through the global financial system

By Tarek Alexander Hassan, Jesse Schreger, Markus Schwedeler, and Ahmed Tahoun

Contrary to the New Keynesian paradigm, long-term unemployment can be reversed without a significant uptick in inflation

By Walter Paternesi Meloni, Davide Romaniello, and Antonella Stirati

Unlike the Great Recession, the pandemic has hit women workers harder than men, and disproportionately hurt the job prospects of lower education workers

By Steven Fazzari and Ella Needler

The People’s Bank of China’s network of local currency swap arrangements provide Asian countries with a much-needed safety net, while also strengthening China’s diplomatic position

By C.P. Chandrasekhar

Formerly incarcerated Black people emerge from prison with far less education and social skills than white ex-cons. And they have great trouble forming families or earning a good living.

By Peter Temin

Mortality and economic data show how constraints to government spending and a skepticism of redistributive policies have made the pandemic far worse

By Servaas Storm

Apr 20, 2021

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Debt Talks Episode 7 | The Case for Household Debt Relief

Large-sale debt relief for indebted households could be a game changer.

Feb 23, 2021

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Debt Talks Episode 6 | Who’s Afraid of European Banks?

Does the COVID recession still have the potential to turn into a broader financial meltdown?

Jan 26, 2021

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The Future of Work | Economic and Social Policies for the Digital Era

Given the mounting need to create good jobs, effect structural change, and transform the economy, what should policy priorities be in the digital era? Is there a role for industrial policy? What new policy options do we need to achieve inclusive prosperity?

Jan 19, 2021

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The Future of Work | Making Technologies Work for All

What are the choices we must make to ensure technology empowers, augments, rewards, and respects the majority, not the few, given its increasing defining role in future economies and societies?

Jan 12, 2021

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The Future of Work | Are Redistribution Policies Enough?

Traditional welfare systems have emphasized the need for redistribution post-production. Are these policies sufficient in the future?

Dec 08, 2020

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Debt Talks Episode 5 | Developing Country Debt: What's Next?

Can developing countries cope with high debt levels? How dire is the situation? Has the policy response been adequate? And what’s the situation in private external debt, and what should be done about private creditors? This edition of Debt Talks will discuss the situation in developing country debt during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.