The Dutch Earthquake

Why did so many Dutch voters vote for the far-right Geert Wilders?

By Servaas Storm


(Un)Learn Economics

The economists are not what they seem.

The re-emergence of inflation threw the ‘science of monetary policy’ off the rails. Do the new tweaks to the theory work?

By Servaas Storm

Creating the post-2008 global safety net for mega-banks

By Edward J. Kane

By permitting business definitions of “efficiency” to leak over into the antitrust lexicon, antitrust scholars have done a great disservice

By Mark Glick, Gabriel Lozada, Pavitra Govindan, and Darren Bush

Monetary policy should be guided much more by financial sector developments and much less by near-term targets for inflation.

By William White

Central banks strongly favored rentier incomes in their reaction functions

By Mario Seccareccia and Guillermo Matamoros Romero

Were the sharp increases in prices during 2020-2022 due to fundamental shifts in supply and demand or are they attributable to excessive market speculation?

By Carlotta Breman and Servaas Storm

Oct 13, 2023

Webinars and Events

Political Economy of Contemporary South Asia

Two-day workshop on: Dialectics of Globalism and Nationalism, Inequality and Populism, Agrarian and Urban Crises, Data and Social Justice

Mar 28, 2023

Webinars and Events

Inclusive Development: Role of Employment and Environment

Inclusive development especially the role of employment opportunities in a changing world of work and the environment in envisioning inclusiveness

Dec 02, 2022

Webinars and Events

Global Inflation Today: What Is to Be Done?

Emerging out of the COVID lockdown, inflation in the U.S. and globally has risen to the highest levels in 40 years. On December 2-3, PERI will host a conference to explore the causes of this global inflation spike. Conference participants will also provide critical perspectives on the austerity macroeconomic policies being implemented globally to control inflation and will propose alternative policies capable of managing inflation without imposing austerity and rising mass unemployment.

Nov 28, 2022

Webinars and Events

India: The Path to Sustained Growth for the Next Decade

The 5th edition of the Law Economics Policy Conference (LEPC) is jointly organized by the Institute for New Economic Thinking, INET and FLAME University.

Nov 17, 2022

Webinars and Events

Vikasarth 2022 Session 3: Industrialisation and the Case of Educated Unemployed

Thirty Years of Indian Economic Reforms: Assessing the Growth and Development of Kerala

Jun 13, 2022

Webinars and Events

Piketty: Quality of Life for Billions of People is at Stake

Can society continue its long-run trajectory and commit to institutional, legal, social, fiscal, and educational systems that can advance equality?