Climate change is already here, and we are on a path towards catastrophic global warming. Governments have failed to curb carbon emissions, and fossil fuel production continues to increase. This is not merely a political failure; it is also a failure of economic analysis.

Featuring Juliet Schor

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What's so Interesting About Interest?

Nobody likes to be in debt, but we owe even more to interest itself.

Featuring Jo Michell

Contrary to the neoclassical loanable funds theory, historical bond yields show Keynes was right that “convictions” anchor long-term interest rates

By Brett Palatiello and Philip Pilkington

Business firms are not alone in making investments in the productive capabilities required to generate innovative goods and services. Household units and government agencies also make investments in productive capabilities upon which business firms rely for their own investment activities.

By William Lazonick

The Consumer Welfare Standard of antitrust is outdated and defective

By Mark Glick

How could the new SDR allocation help developing countries?

By Tobias Pforr, Fabian Pape, and Steffen Murau

Using aggregate campaign finance data as well as a Transformer based text embedding model we can predict roll call votes for legislation in the US Congress with more than 90% accuracy.

By Matthias Lalisse

EEO-1 employment data document the vast over-representation of Asian Americans and vast under-representation of African Americans at tech companies in recent years. How did this happen?

By William Lazonick, Philip Moss, and Joshua Weitz

Mar 10, 2022

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Thirty Years of Indian Economic Reforms: Assessing the Growth and Development of Kerala

Session 1: Kerala’s Response to the Economic Reforms with Pulapre Balakrishnan and Bornali Bhandari, moderated by Vinod Thomas

Feb 03, 2022

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This Week: INET Private Debt Conference 2022

Against the backdrop of frequent calls for debt cancellation and reorganization, the Private Debt Initiative of the Institute for New Economic Thinking is convening a conference on “Debt Restructuring” in New York City on Thursday, February 3rd and Friday February 4th, 2022, hosted by Richard Vague (Secretary of Banking and Securities, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania), Rob Johnson (INET President), and Moritz Shularick (INET Fellow).

Dec 10, 2021

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Law, Economics & Policy Conference (LEPC) 4.3 -The Path for India's Climate Transition

The 4th Law, Economics & Policy Conference (LEPC) is a virtual, multi-capsule conference series that aims to bring together legal, economic and public policy thinkers to consider a variety of real world issues in India in a holistic manner.

Dec 01, 2021

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The Paralysis From Above: COP26 and Beyond for the Developing World

For several weeks, representatives of governments across the globe gathered in Glasgow to discuss plans for climate mitigation and adaptation. But the meetings were dominated by representatives of the world’s most advanced economies, often to the detriment of the places where the majority of the world’s population lives: the developing world.

Oct 12, 2021

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INET Live | Summit on Climate and U.S. China Relations

The pandemic has caused havoc to the world’s health and economy, worsening inequality and disparities already disrupted by geopolitical rivalry, climate change, financialization and technology. Health, wealth and self are entangled in anger over rising inequality and temperatures.

Sep 28, 2021

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INET Live | Just Transition and the Transition to Justice

Scientists have been sounding the alarm for decades about the severe global impact that rising temperatures will have on the environment, economies, and health outcomes, and ultimately humanity’s long-term survival. With disaster after disaster stacking up, the time for action is now.