A Big Fiscal Push is Urgent, The Risk of Overheating Is Small

The $1.9 trillion stimulus should be large because the need is large

By Claudia Sahm


Black Women's 'Double Gap' in Wages

Black women are forfeiting $50 billion/year in the US due to the combined gender and racial wage gap.

Featuring Michelle Holder

A large and growing percentage of households are missed in the monthly Current Population Survey (CPS).

By Yixia Cai and Dean Baker

Conservative legal theory is based on a shoddy definition of what constitutes “efficiency”

By Mark Glick and Gabriel Lozada

Labor-saving advances in AI may undo the gains from globalization and pose new challenges for economic development

By Anton Korinek and Joe Stiglitz

Recognizing that inflation of the value of output and its costs of production must be equal, we focus on a cost-based macroeconomic structuralist approach in contrast to micro-oriented monetarist analysis.

By Lance Taylor and Nelson Henrique Barbosa Filho

This paper analyzes the role of local spending, particularly on social welfare, and local inequality as factors in the Italian political crisis following the adoption in 2011 of more radical national austerity measures.

By Matteo Cavallaro

“Build back” means restoring the government and business investments in the productive capabilities of the U.S. labor force that created a growing middle class in the three decades after World War II

By Joshua Weitz, William Lazonick, and Philip Moss

Feb 23, 2021

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Debt Talks Episode 6 | Who’s Afraid of European Banks?

Does the COVID recession still have the potential to turn into a broader financial meltdown?

Jan 26, 2021

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The Future of Work | Economic and Social Policies for the Digital Era

Given the mounting need to create good jobs, effect structural change, and transform the economy, what should policy priorities be in the digital era? Is there a role for industrial policy? What new policy options do we need to achieve inclusive prosperity?

Jan 19, 2021

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The Future of Work | Making Technologies Work for All

What are the choices we must make to ensure technology empowers, augments, rewards, and respects the majority, not the few, given its increasing defining role in future economies and societies?

Jan 12, 2021

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The Future of Work | Are Redistribution Policies Enough?

Traditional welfare systems have emphasized the need for redistribution post-production. Are these policies sufficient in the future?

Dec 08, 2020

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Debt Talks Episode 5 | Developing Country Debt: What's Next?

Can developing countries cope with high debt levels? How dire is the situation? Has the policy response been adequate? And what’s the situation in private external debt, and what should be done about private creditors? This edition of Debt Talks will discuss the situation in developing country debt during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dec 02, 2020

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The Future of Work | Meaningful Integration or Jobless Future?

The central challenge confronting us in the future of work is this: can we create a future where work exists for all who need one with fair rewards, or will we end up on the path of increasing displacement, leaving workers vulnerable, dispensable, and miserable?