Katharina Pistor is Professor of Comparative Law at Columbia Law School and Director of the Law School’s Center on Global Legal Transformation. Her research and teaching spans corporate law, corporate governance, money and finance, property rights, comparative law and law and development. She has published widely in legal and interdisciplinary journals and is the author and co-author of several books. She is the recipient of the Max Planck Research Award (2012) and of several grants from the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) and the National Science Foundation. 

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Coding Private Money

Article | Jun 3, 2019

The state has long used law to back private money—with dire consequences, then and now

Ten Years after Bear Stearns, U.S. Financial Stability Is again in Danger

Article | Mar 12, 2018

Banks are pushing for deregulation and roll backs of Dodd-Frank’s regular check-ups on their financial health. We should be worried. 

German Court decision: Legal authority and deep power implications

Article | Feb 26, 2014

Who wields supreme power over the ECB? This column analyses the recent ruling by the German Constitutional Court that the ECB cannot act as lender of last resort. Although seemingly couched by the referral of this decision to the European Court of Justice, this is a bid for power and the return to the pre-crisis paradigm of ‘ultra posse nemo obligatur’.

America’s Debt-Ceiling Debacle

Article | Oct 22, 2013

When Greece’s sovereign-debt crisis threatened the euro’s survival, U.S. officials called their European counterparts to express bewilderment at their inability to resolve the issue.

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Legal Evil

Video | Jan 19, 2022

From feudal land rights to intellectual property in the modern era, lawyers have been battling over capital for centuries. Typically leveraging social resources to generate and protect private wealth.

YSI Asia Convening 2019

YSI Event Regional Convening YSI | Aug 12–14, 2019

Hundreds of young scholars from all over Asia are coming together in Hanoi to discuss new economic thinking, present their research, and work with over 30 senior scholars. Join us there and become a part of YSI’s global community!

Creating A Legal Foundation For Finance

Video | Sep 4, 2014

How does the law interact with finance? Katharina Pistor on the paradoxical relationship between law and finance.

Winter School on Law and Finance

Event Workshop | Jan 5–8, 2014

The Institute will host the Winter School on Law and Finance at Columbia University’s Global Center in Paris on January 6-9, 2014.