Curated series of expert commentary and analyses of critical economic issues.

  1. Profit-Led Inflation and Markups: A Discussion

    Michalis Nikiforos, Simon Grothe, and Servaas Storm criticize Marc Lavoie’s recent take on the current inflation debate. Marc Lavoie responds.

  2. The Banking Crisis: An INET Symposium

    Featuring articles by James B. Thomson and Walker F. Todd, Claudia Sahm, Gerald Epstein, Ronnie J. Phillips, Anastasia Nesvetailova, Gerald P. O’Driscoll, Jr., William Bergman, and Thomas Ferguson

  3. Focus on the Global South

    INET is invested in identifying the complex global interactions that influence poverty and development with a focus on strategies that have proven successful in promoting equitable growth, promoting capabilities, and reducing poverty.

  4. Symposium on the Inflation Reduction Act

    Servaas Storm, Steven Fazzari, and Thomas Ferguson comment on the Inflation Reduction Act

  5. Education

    We develop resources for students and educators interested in exploring new economic thinking.

  6. China

    A collection of INET analysis of the Chinese economy and US-China relations

  7. INET Climate Crisis Collection

    A collection of INET’s most important articles, videos, interviews, and working papers that deal with the climate crisis

  8. Economics Has A Race Problem

    Traditional economics, like the ethos of the “American Dream,” tells us that our individual talents and efforts determine whether or not we succeed in life. Yet, an overwhelming body of evidence shows that people of color have been denied the same opportunities to succeed in America. Race is not only a defining feature of social identity and an arbiter of access to power and privilege; for far too many Americans, race - a social construction - is a fundamental determinant of their economic destiny.

  9. Masters Series

    A tribute to stories and legacies of great economic thinkers like Kari Polanyi Levitt, Nancy Folbre, Dierdre McCloskey, Anwar Shaikh, Axel Leijonhufvud, James Crotty, Luigi Pasinetti & Marcello de Cecco

  10. Final Response: Andrew Smithers' Challenge to Lance Taylor's Global Savings Glut Paper

    A debate between Lance Taylor and Andrew Smithers on the alleged “global savings glut.” Smithers responds to Taylor’s INET working paper, to which Taylor then offers a rebuttal. A second round of the debate is now included as well.

  11. COVID-19 and Africa

    A series of interviews by Folashadé Soulé and Camilla Toulmin with African leaders on the pandemic.

  12. Race and Economics From INET

    A collection of INET’s research and articles on race and the US economy, reposted in connection with recent protests against police brutality in Black communities.

  13. The COVID-19 Economic Crisis

    Find all of our COVID-19 pandemic articles, webinars, and working papers here.

  14. Learn Economics at Home

    Stuck at home and already bored of Netflix? Then check out our #LearnEconAtHome series of video explainers you can watch from anywhere.

  15. A New Future for Antitrust?

    INET papers and articles related to our co-sponsored event at the University of Utah featuring conversations between Utah judges, law professors, attorneys & economists. Watch the sessions