Mark Glick is a professor at the University of Utah where he teaches law and economics, antitrust law, and industrial organization. He grew up in Los Angeles and attended UCLA where he received a BA in philosophy and an MA in sociology. Then he completed his PhD in economics at the New School for Social Research in New York. After his PhD, he attended Columbia Law School with a law and economics fellowship and received his JD degree. After law school he practiced antitrust law in New York and Utah. He is a member of both the New York and Utah bar associations. He is currently the economics editor of the Anti-Trust Bulletin.

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Overdraft Fees, Credit Card Late Fees, and the Lump of Profit Fallacy

Article | Apr 15, 2024

Predetermined profit margins and prices hidden in the back end of a transaction are really just market failures.

Antitrust Enforcement in the Crosshairs

Article | Oct 6, 2023

Post-Chicago Economists vs. New Brandeisians on the New Merger Guidelines

Postscript: A Further Look at ProMarket’s Economics

Article | Sep 8, 2023

ProMarket’s new “Addendum to Retraction,” written it appears in response to our recent INET post, doubles down on its critique of our piece which showed that it is feasible for increased output to lead to reduced welfare. The ProMarket addendum is notable for its economic errors.*

The Mythology of Horizontal Merger Efficiencies

Article | Aug 31, 2023

Economists had to distort economic theory to fashion their merger “efficiency” arguments

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Everyone Versus Google: Will Big Tech Be Held Accountable?

Article | Sep 28, 2023

The tech giant is in the hot seat, but it’s going to be a “big fight,” warns antitrust expert Mark Glick.

Chicago School Economists Got it Wrong. Strong Antitrust Policy Boosts the Economy.

Article | Mar 29, 2021

History shows robust antitrust enforcement helps promote a prosperous, fair, and balanced economy. Antitrust expert Mark Glick explains how the U.S. went astray during the 1980s, and how to get back on track.