Hal Singer

Visiting professor of economics at the University of Utah and director of the Utah Project on Antitrust and Consumer Protection. Hal has written and consulted extensively in antitrust and consumer protection matters. He currently serves as managing director at Econ One and has taught pricing to MBA candidates at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business since 2016.

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Overdraft Fees, Credit Card Late Fees, and the Lump of Profit Fallacy

Article | Apr 15, 2024

Predetermined profit margins and prices hidden in the back end of a transaction are really just market failures.

How Corporations “Get Away With Murder” to Inflate Prices on Rent, Food, and Electricity

Article | Oct 19, 2022

Antitrust expert Hal Singer shows how big businesses in certain industries are taking advantage of inflation worries to jack up prices far beyond their cost increases, all the while raking in robber-baron profits.