Jan Toporowski

Jan Toporowski is Professor of Economics and Finance at SOAS, University of London, Visiting Professor of Economics at the University of Bergamo, Italy, and Professor of Economics and Finance at the International University College, Turin, Italy. Jan Toporowski studied economics at Birkbeck College, University of London, and the University of Birmingham. He has worked in fund management, international banking, economic consultancy and central banking and has published widely on money, finance and economic development, monetary policy and the history of economic thought. Jan Toporowski is the author of a two-volume biography of Michał Kalecki.

By this expert

Monetary Policy, Illiquidity, and the Inflation Debates

Article | Jan 29, 2024

The key issue is the regulation of the liquidity of all financial markets, and not just that of the banking system

Monetary Policy and Illiquidity

Paper Working Paper | | Jan 2024

It is not just all about banking system liquidity

After Poland’s Elections: Democracy and Keynesianism?

Article | Oct 16, 2023

In accepting mass unemployment, post-communist governments and the democratic parties that constituted them removed the economic foundation for Poland’s democracy.

The War in Ukraine and the Revival of Military Keynesianism

Article | Jan 9, 2023

The advent of military Keynesianism is a warning against complacency about the moral superiority of the West in defending Ukrainian democracy.