YSI Africa Convening

Aug 16–18, 2018 Download .ics

Harare, Zimbabwe | University of Zimbabwe


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Young Scholars based in Africa are invited to convene in Harare, Zimbabwe. The event serves to strengthen the African network of new economic thinkers, in pursuit of a new economic paradigm. Attendees will be able to the annual conference of the Zimbabwe Historical Association in the same trip.

Participating Working Groups
Economic Development
Economic History
East Asia
Financial Instability
Gender and Economics
States and Markets

Partner Event: Zimbabwe Historical Association, 4th Annual Conference
ZHA was established in 2014 with one of its aims being to advance the study and publication of Zimbabwean history. It also seeks to bring together scholars from across the humanities and social sciences that have interest in the historical developments on Zimbabwe. This year’s theme is dubbed “Histories of Turning Points and Turning Points in History”. The wheels of history have been triggered, at some points propelled and at others redirected but have never stopped to turn. Events of cataclysmic levels and processes that at times even escape the ordinary eye because they are not as salient, have either been products of turning points or critical in turning history. It is around this very broad framing that the fourth conference of Zimbabwe Historical Association seeks to once again bring together stakeholders in historical studies to deliberate on various thematic issues that feed into the above conference concept.

Travel support 

Partial or full travel support will be available for selected participants