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YSI workshop on history of economic thought ahead of the Conference of the Latin American Association for the History of Economic Thought (ALAHPE).

Nov 28, 2017 Download .ics

Bogota, Colombia |

The History of Economic Thought and the Philosophy of Economics working groups are organising a Young Scholars Workshop on the methods and approaches to the history of economics that have consolidated during the last two decades.  

Deadline to apply: June 30

The goal of the workshop is to discuss the relevance of these new approaches and methods, as well as the training needed to implement them successfully. These new approaches are inspired by questions of—and rely heavily on methods drawn from—history, quantitative and qualitative sociology, philosophy, and scientometrics, to which the typical young historian of economics has not had an adequate exposure, before or even during their graduate studies. However, as the literature of the past two decades has shown, these approaches offer new and interesting research opportunities that shed light on the role of scientific communities in economics, the relationship between theory and policy, the development of economic and planning institutions, and other similar questions that broaden the scope and impact of the history of economics.

The workshop will be divided in two session. During the morning young scholars will briefly present their research interests, and present and discuss a set of key papers dealing with the theme of the workshop. The afternoon session will start with a panel in which senior scholars from the history of economics, sociology, history, and philosophy of science will discuss key methodological issues pertaining to their fields. A general discussion on the relevance of these issues and the challenges they pose will follow. At the end of the day we expect to have helped young scholars gain a broader view of the possibilities available for doing research in the history of economics, and to have a good idea of what the next step should be if they want to move their research in this direction.

The workshop is open for all interested parties to attend. In order to be eligible for travel stipends to attend the workshop and conference, young scholars should:

  1. Be accepted to participate in the  ALAHPE conference (see website for instructions to apply). Please make sure to indicate that you’re a young scholar and that you’re interested in participating in the INET YSI workshop when submitting your abstract.

  2. Young scholars interested in applying to the workshop only should submit a 400 word statement about their motivation for attending and the relationship between their research and the theme of the workshop. 

  3. Young scholars who are not working directly on the history of economics but in neighboring areas like history, economic sociology, and philosophy of economics should instead send only a 400 word statement about their motivation for attending the workshop, explaining the relationship between their research and the theme of the workshop.

The deadline for submitting the abstracts and short statements is June 30, and July 31 for sending an advanced draft of the paper to the ALAHPE scientific committee. 

Successful candidates will be contacted during the third week of August. We particularly encourage Latin American young scholars to apply, but the workshop is open to candidates from any region. A limited amount of travel stipends will be provided to successful candidates, according to their country of origin.

For further information and inquiries, please contact:

Camila Orozco-Espinel, camila.orozcoe@ehess.fr
Juan Carlos Acosta (jca.acostamacia@etudiant.univ-lille1.fr), 
Erich Pinzón-Fuchs (erich.pinzon.fuchs@duke.edu), 
Melissa Vergara-Fernández (ysi@mvergarafernandez.nl)