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History of Economic Thought

The Working Group on the History of Economic Thought is devoted to disinterring the roots of contemporary economic orthodoxy, exhuming time-honoured rival approaches, and imagining possible futures.

What is the story of the current orthodoxy and why does it have the power that it has? How do other traditions in economics and beyond differ? What different answers did other schools of thought give (and often continue to give) to the same questions? What different questions did they ask? What were the great controversies in economic thought, and how were they ever settled (or were they, really)?

It is only through a robust understanding of our intellectual history that we can both properly comprehend present-day economics and have a sense of what viable alternatives to the current order might exist. To further the existence of a community of scholars devoted to this important endeavour, the Working Group hosts seminars and other events exploring the wide array of topics that fall under the aegis of the history of economic thought.

Members of the Working Group are encouraged to use it as a way of building professional and intellectual networks that can help them advance their own careers, find others to critically engage with their work, and foster the exchange of ideas on this topic on a larger scale. We believe that our community has the power to help us think more clearly about our world, and in so doing, change the intellectual landscape in society writ large. And we hope that you can be a part of that process.

If you are interested in joining the Working Group or want to know more, please join the Young Scholars Initiative or e-mail the Coordinator.

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