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Capitalism, Technology, and Scientism

Threats to Democracy?

Aug 27, 2017 Download .ics

San Sebastián (Donostia), Spain | Palacio Miramar

YSI Philosophy of Economics working group is organising a workshop preceding the INEM conference.

In the last few years we have witnessed several episodes that first challenged the worldview of many, and now even seem to be threatening democracy. Technology, for instance, source of development and economic growth, is challenging the employment possibilities of many, as well as the capacity of many to see the world beyond their computer screens. Likewise, trade and economic integration, identifying marks of capitalism, have fostered growth and taken millions out of poverty, but possibly at a higher cost than originally thought.  

The INEM conference, a gathering that brings together social scientists and philosophers, is an excellent opportunity to discuss some of these issues. For this reason, prior to the conference, the YSI Philosophy of Economics working group is organising a workshop.

Some more specific issues that are intended to be discussed at the workshop are:

  • Democracy and threats to it by technology, capitalism and/or “alternative facts”; Or a challenge to the existence of such a threat?;
  • The role of academia––especially philosophers, historians, political scientists––in finding solutions to such a situation, while at the same time accounting for the role that scientism may have had in bringing it about in the first place;
  • Proposals such as a universal basic income as a viable alternative to solve issues of inequality, poverty, and thereby some of the sources of the threats to democracy.

Speakers (more TBC):

Dr. Sonja Amadae (MIT and TINT, University of Helsinki).

The workshop is free of charge and open to all interested parties. For the participants of the INEM conference who are Young Scholars*, there are scholarships available of up to ≈ EUR 220 (=USD 250) to attend the workshop and conference.
To apply for these scholarships, submit a motivation letter of up to 400 words for participating in the workshop no later than June 8. Scholars who may be interested in presenting work related to the workshop should state this in their motivation letter.

*Young Scholars are graduate students and scholars who don’t have institutional financial support to attend this kind of event.