YSI Event

Finance, Law, and Economics

Sustainability in Sovereign Debt Litigation and Arbitration 

The Finance, Law, and Economics (FLE) Working Group invites you to the 2018 Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) Latin America Convening.

We welcome contributions by young scholars and practitioners who wish to present their work during the corresponding session of the Convening on topics related to “Sustainability in Sovereign Debt Litigation and Arbitration”.

Sovereign debt restructurings are a phenomenon of worldwide concern. The topic continues to be critical and timely for the Latin America region. The Argentina sovereign debt restructuring experience has highlighted the importance of debt sustainability in decisions (litigation) and awards (arbitration). Amongst other things, there are expectations that a sustainable debt restructuring would be based on economic indicators and will consider country economic growth and repayment capacity. The legal and economics literature define sovereign debt sustainability in multiple ways.

We encourage applicants to analyse how arbitration tribunals or courts consider sustainability when resolving disputes around sovereign debt restructuring. To profit from the vast relevance of the topic to the region, we welcome all contributions and will give higher consideration to papers with global and Latin America impact.

We look forward to your contributions and to seeing you in Buenos Aires. If you have questions about the session, please contact Amarilys Abreu (FLE LA Convening Meeting Organiser) at [email protected].

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