The evolution of capitalism – history, law, and economics compared

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European University Institute, Florence |

This study group aims to reflect on international economic growth, sustainable development and the evolution of economic thinking around capitalism and enterprise through the analysis of a selected multidisciplinary bibliography.

This initiative is part of the YSI Economic History Working Group and it is aimed at historians, political scientists and economists at a post-doc or PhD level who have an interest in the role of enterprises in economic growth, wealth creation and redistribution. The study group has for objective the establishment of a multidisciplinary syllabus and bibliography on legal, economic and political issues in a historical perspective on the problem of capitalism, international development and economic growth.

At every meeting, participants discuss a book chapter or paper read beforehand. At the end of each meeting participants will decide what to read next. The study group meets fortnightly in Florence, Italy, because it is organized by Max Weber Fellows at the European University Institute. If you are around, please contact Marta Musso ([email protected]) or Mate Rigo ([email protected]) and join us. Otherwise, please join us on online!

Schedule: every other Monday, at 18:45 CET

SESSION 1       30-Jan-2017  

SESSION 2       13-Feb            

SESSION 3       27-Feb            

SESSION 4       13-Mar            

SESSION 5       27-Mar            

SESSION 6       10-Apr            

SESSION 7       24-Apr            

SESSION 8       8-May

SESSION 9       22-May           

SESSION 10    5-Jun  

SESSION 11    19-Jun