Hello, Can You Hear Me? Added Value and Inequalities in a Global Market

Sep 20–21, 2018 Download .ics

Sala delle Lauree | Sapienza University of Rome

The Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) is supporting the conference “Hello, Can You Hear Me? Added Value and Inequalities in a Global Market,” that will be held at La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), on September 20th and 21st. The event is promoted by CEST and funded by the Young Scholars Initiative – INET and by the “Luigi Einaudi” Research Centre.

The aim of the event is to connect the events which affected the globalization process over the past years and explaining how the process has changed and has shaped changes in world economies. In this scenario, we are particularly interested in: (i) defining the role that global value chains (GVCs) have played and continue to play in both developed and developing countries: (ii) macro and microeconomic consequences of GVCs; (iii) investigating the effects of GVCs on labor and financial markets, and on their impact on development and inequality.

The registration for the two-day workshop is now open: http://bit.ly/RegisterGVCs. Invited speakers will come from many different countries and Institutions; among others: World Bank (US), World Trade Organization (Switzerland), CEPII (France), Ifo Institute (Germany), Bank of Italy and many other Italian and international universities. There are no participation fees but places are limited; we invite all interested people to register at the earliest convenience. The full program is available here: http://bit.ly/GVCInet

For any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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