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Gender & East Asia (Joint)

Call #17 - Global Care Chains

This session aims to address the role of global care chain analysis in understanding the gendered nature of migrant labour and addressing questions about the economic role of caregiving.

Global care chain analysis, which emphasizes the transnational nature of the social organization of care, has become an important topic of debate in the past decade. In Asia in particular, labour migration to perform care work provides a large portion of female migrant opportunities. Meanwhile, demographic change in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan Japan and South Korea is leading to rapidly increasing care needs. This session aims to address global care chain analysis and female labour migration, with a special focus on Asia. The workshop will highlight the importance of migration and globalization in caregiving, and raise questions about further avenues for global care chain research.

Papers are invited on the following topics, including but not limited to;

  • Global care chains
  • Demographic change and care migration
  • Care migration & female labour force participation
  • Inclusive gender perspectives in care chain analysis
  • Care migration & deskilling of the female migrant labour force
  • Forced migration and global care
  • Critiques of care chain analysis and avenues for future care chain research
  • Comparative analysis of the care regime between countries
  • Care migration and immigration policy

We also invite contributions on more general topics related to care or female labour migration. The aim is to allow young researchers to share their research with peers working on similar subjects.

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Deadline: 17 March 2019
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