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History of Economic Thought

Call #18 - The history of Asian Economic Thought from Guan Zhong to A. K. Bagi

The economic thought of ancient Chinese scholars has been studied for many years in China. There is even a Chinese scholarly society dedicated to this field of study. In Japan the subject has also been studied to some extent. Some recent volumes in English (Hu 1984, 1988; Wu 1996; Ma and Trautwein 2013; Lin, Peach and Wang 2014) show the vitality and diversity of ancient Chinese thought on economic matters and the presence of many ideas familiar from Western thinkers at earlier moments in Chinese thought.

Yet knowledge of the ideas of Chinese thinkers on economic matters remains extremely sparse outside East-Asia and availability of texts on the history of Chinese economic thought in English remains extremely limited. The same can be said about the economic thought of Indian philosophers since at least the 4th century B.C. Chanakya (Kautilya), although the language barrier here should be much less of a reason, as well as the economic thought of the ancient Persians, Mongols and other Asian nations. Around the world, the canon of the history of economic thought taught to economics (and other) students continues to be limited to the ideas of scholars from Europe and European settler colonies.

The YSI History of Economic Thought Working Group invites early-career researchers based in Asia to submit contributions to this internationally severely understudied subject area:

  • The economic thought of Asian scholars from all epochs, from ancient philosophers, political thinkers and mystics to modern economists
  • The economic ideas contained in Asian philosophical, religious and political doctrines like Confusianism, Taoism, Legalism, Hinduism, Jainism, Vedism, Buddism, Shintoism, Ghandian Socialism, Maoism
  • Studies on the historic exchange of economic ideas between Asia and other regions, the cross-influence between different Asian thinkers or between Asian and non-Asian scholars on economic matters and comparative studies of their theories

Other contributions in the history of economic thought from young scholars based in Asia shall also be considered.

About the History of Economic Thought Working Group

The History of Economic Thought Working Group is devoted to disinterring the roots of contemporary economic orthodoxy, exhuming time-honoured rival approaches, and imagining possible futures.


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Deadline: 17 March 2019
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