Technology, Globalization and the Environment: Latin American Development in the XXI Century

ECLAC Summer School on the Latin American Economies

Jul 23–24, 2018 Download .ics

 Santiago de Chile | United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN-ECLAC)

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The Call for Papers is now open. Submit your abstract by May 20, 2018.

The Latin America Working Group and the Keynesian Economic Working Group of the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) of the Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET) are hosting the workshop “Technology, Globalization and the Environment: Latin American Development in the XXI Century” to be held at the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN-ECLAC) in Santiago de Chile on the 23-24 July 2018.

To submit a paper for the workshop please click here.

The YSI Workshop will mark the beginning of the ECLAC Summer School on the Latin American Economies that will take place between July 23th to September 14th 2018; click here for more information about the Summer School and the application process.

IMPORTANT: Please note that your application to the YSI workshop is not connected to the application process to the ECLAC summer school. The application and selection processes of the two events are independent.

1. What is the ECLAC Summer School on the Latin American Economies?

In ECLAC’s analytical tradition, the production structure, technological progress and trade specialization are key variables driving long run growth. Structuralism is part of a tradition in economic theory that combines the Keynesian paradigm with the Schumpeterian and evolutionary traditions. The former pays special attention to income distribution and full employment policies, while the latter focuses on the dynamics of learning, technological innovation and diffusion and its impact on the production patterns. These traditions recognize that industrial and technological policies are crucial to foster developing countries’ convergence with the developed economies in terms of technological capabilities and per capita GDP.

In the ECLAC Summer School the participants have the opportunity to debate development theory and policy in an open, plural and multidisciplinary framework with professors from ECLAC and from several Latin American, US and European universities. Invited Professors this year are (among others) Alberto Botta (Greenwich University), Tommaso Ciarli (University of Sussex), Luis Bértola (UDELAR) and Jorge Katz (Universidad de Chile).

2. What is the YSI/ECLAC Workshop?

The call for papers for the YSI/ECLAC Workshop invites contributions on any subject broadly related to the title provided above. Possible topics include problems of debt and development, development finance, inequality, technical change and international competitiveness, structural change and growth, industrial policy, macroeconomics for development, the political economy of development and the economic history of Latin America.

After the presentation, the papers will be discussed with other participants of the workshop and with professors and researchers associated with the ECLAC Summer School.

Preference will be given for ECLAC’s summer school alumni. We will be able to offer full and partial travel support for selected young scholars. Papers will be accepted in English and Spanish.

Deadline to submit your abstract: May 20th. Selected participants will be contacted by late May. Final version of the paper should be submitted not later than July 18th.