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On February  22-24, 2019, the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) will host its first North America Convening in Los Angeles, USA.

14 YSI working groups, mentored by 26 notable academics, will debate ideas of how to pursue a new paradigm in economic thinking and how young scholars can collaborate to meet the most pressing challenges of the 21st century.

General registration is now open. Please sign up here to attend. It is free of charge.


George Akerlof, Julie Nelson and Perry Mehrling have confirmed keynote speeches.


Alícia Giron (UNAM)Beatrice Cherrier (University of Caen)Edward Kane (Boston College) 
Edward Kane (Boston College) Hyejin Youn (Northwestern)J W Mason (CUNY) 
Kate Aronoff (Intercept)Laura Carvalho (University of São Paulo) Margaret Schabas (UBC)
Martin Guzman (Columbia University)Matias Vernengo (Bucknell)Orsola Costantini (INET)
Pavlina Tcherneva (Levy Institute)Peter Lorentzen (University of San Francisco)Pierre-Alexandre Balland (MIT) 
Sanjay G. Reddy (New School)
Shouvik Chakraborty (PERI) 
Stephanie Seguino (Vermont University)
Thomas Ferguson (INET)Thomas Herndon (LMU)Tim Scarnechia (Kent State University)
Tridib Banerjee (USC)Zdravka Todorova (Wright State University)Zoltan Poszar (Credit Suisse)  

The submission deadline for abstracts has passed.

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