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Economic Questions (Blog): Special Call for Articles

New Economic Thinking in the Context of Climate Change

Economic Questions will host a special session at the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) North America Convening in Los Angeles, California, on 22–24 February 2019. The session will explore the relevance of new economic thinking in the context of climate change.

The session’s discussion will be informed by selected short-form article submissions on the topic, with the in-person participation of the authors, and one or two seniors scholars. To apply, submit an article in response to the below prompt.


With climate change posing an increasing threat to life on earth, every academic discipline can benefit from considering its contribution in that context; economics is no exception. Employing your area of expertise, discuss how economics can serve society in times of climate change. In your answer, you may

  • Highlight a research method and/or tool of analysis that can help incorporate sustainability considerations into economic thinking and analysis,AND/OR
  • Discuss possible approaches to drafting economic policies that can contribute to effective mitigation of climate change

There is no right or wrong answer, and we encourage you to work within your area of expertise and present a well-argumented answer to the prompt. For example, if you normally focus on issues of inequality, for example, perhaps you are interested in discussing economic policies that can mitigate inequality while contributing to a sustainable future. Or, if you normally work in economic complexity, perhaps your answer sheds light on an analytical method to demonstrate not just the productivity of economic systems, but also their sustainability. 

Do make sure to provide sufficient explanation of your framework, so those outside your area of expertise can understand your arguments.

Selected authors will receive travel support to participate in a discussion on the topic during a special EQ session at the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) North America Convening in Los Angeles, California, on 22–24 February 2019. Accommodation in Los Angeles will be provided, along with travel support (to cover travel from within the US, from Canada, or from Mexico).

Runners up will see their article included in the discussion, with attribution to the authors, as well as posted on Economic Questions as part of a special series on this topic.


Articles should be around 1000 words in length and abide by the Economic Questions Styleguide

Apply here

Submission Deadline: 24 December 2018