YSI Event

8. Inequality in Africa

Inequality Working Group

Income and wealth inequality has received increased attention from economists and non-economists in recent years. Even though ‘inequality’ is a simple word, it conveys a multitude of deeper meanings, and studying it poses challenges. Africa has experienced high levels of inequality thus the study and understanding of the phenomena relating to inequality deserves treatment within regional and comparative frameworks on a multidisciplinary environment.

Your abstract can be related to any dimension of socio-economic inequality and, to facilitate, we suggested contributions that focus on the following large themes:

  1. Theoretical debates on inequality (how can we understand inequality?)

  2. History of inequality

  3. Inequality and poverty in Africa

  4. Labour market and educational inequalities in Africa

  5. Public policies for inequality and poverty alleviation

  6. Political and economic crises and their consequences on inequality 

Participants are also expected to take part in a session of the Inequality Working Group Mind Map, a project that maps the main theories, findings, questions and resources in inequality research with the people working on them. Our joint work will eventually be published online and serve as a guide for those who are interested in studying and researching inequality here.

Questions concerning this call may be sent to: [email protected]