YSI Event

Reconciling Financial Stability and Economic Inclusion Across Space

Working Groups: Inequality, Urban and Regional Economics, Financial Stability

Financial stability and financial inclusion are often thought of separately by dedicated policy-makers and experts. Yet, they are two sides of the same coin. Furthermore, the solutions found to reconcile both objectives cannot be separated from local and spatial characteristics. Following our joint on-going webinar series between the Urban and Regional Economics WG, the Inequality WG and the Financial Stability WG, we are inviting young scholars to present their research during the YSI Europe Regional Convening. 

We welcome contributions related to (but not limited to) financial stability and financial inclusion from an urban and regional perspective:

  • Geography of banking, instability and exclusion

  • Social/ethical banking, credit unions and microcredit

  • Innovations and financial stability/inclusion

  • Local currencies and credit-based systems

  • Interaction between State intervention and private sector in providing both financial stability and financial inclusion

  • Global financial safety nets

  • Universal basic income / jobs guarantee

  • Housing Markets and Financial System

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