Articles and analyses from the INET community on the key economic questions of our time.


The Tyranny of the Top Five Journals

Oct 2, 2018

Getting published in a top five economics journal is a near-requirement for tenure. But it’s a poor measure of research quality within a system that punishes creativity.


Why Dodd-Frank Is a Shell Game for Banks

Sep 27, 2018

Ten years after the crisis, financial regulation leaves taxpayers holding the bag for banks’ safety net.


When the Levee Broke

Sep 4, 2018

Ten years ago, the financial crisis washed away faith and trust in economics as a guide to social prosperity. Filling a void is difficult. We are still hard at work. 


Why Digital Currency Won’t Save Us

Aug 13, 2018

State-issued digital money may avoid some pitfalls of cryptocurrency, but it’s no financial panacea


Macroeconomics and the Italian Vote

Aug 6, 2018

To understand the rise of the League and 5 Star Movement, look at economic indicators


Italy’s Crisis Is the Left’s Crisis

Jun 22, 2018

When politics is defined in terms of “populism” vs. “the mainstream,” the possibility for real economic reform is diminished.


A Poetic Challenge to Global Capitalism That Will Rend Your Heart

Jun 21, 2018

Edoardo Nesi’s new book tracks the destructive march of globalization and neoliberal capitalism through his own life and the places, like Italy, that lie broken in its wake.