Jayati Ghosh


Jayati Ghosh taught Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and from January 2020 will be Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA. She has authored and/or edited 19 books (including the co-edited “Elgar Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development, 2014, “India and the International Economy” OUP 2015 and “Women Informal Workers in the Global South” forthcoming with Routledge) and nearly 200 scholarly articles. She has received several national and international prizes, including the International Labour Organisation’s Decent Work Research Prize for 2010. She has advised governments in India and other countries, including as Chairperson of the Andhra Pradesh Commission on Farmers’ Welfare in 2004, and Member of the National Knowledge Commission of India (2005-09). She is the Executive Secretary of International Development Economics Associates, an international network of heterodox development economists. She has consulted for international organizations including ILO, UNDP, UNCTAD, UN-DESA, UNRISD and UN Women and is member of several international commissions. She writes regularly for popular media like newspapers, journals and blogs.

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