GPEnewsdocs founder Lynn Fries is an independent producer of video news and documentaries with a focus on the global political economy. Lynn´s research and video journalism activities as a not-for-profit public service began in NYC in 2007. In 2012, upon relocating from the US to Europe, Lynn established a production studio in Geneva. Most of her work during 2007-2019 was core to developing The Real News Network (TRNN) ECONOMY. Lynn’s association with The Real News ended in 2019 following the departure of TRNN founders . Prior to public service broadcasting, Lynn was a senior professional at major NYC and London-based financial institutions where she worked in collaboration with international teams of research analysts and macroeconomists & strategists.

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Subsidizing Chemical Fertilizers is Counterproductive

Article | Jul 13, 2023

By reducing our reliance on chemical fertilizers, policymakers could turn today’s food crisis into a genuine opportunity towards shifting subsidies from agribusiness-led to agroecological-led farming systems

The Main COP27 Solution to Saving the Planet: Make It an Asset Class & Sell it

Article | Nov 9, 2022

The ‘solution’ master-minded by global finance at COP27 to resolve the imminent environmental crisis: create a multi-quadrillion dollars’ worth of assets on the back of everything nature does and expropriate it from the global commons to make a profit.