Giulia Zacchia is an assistant professor in Economics at Sapienza University of Rome. She holds a PhD in History of Economic Thought from the University of Macerata (Italy). She worked on microfinance and in the formal financial sector in Italy. She specializes in the history of contemporary economics with a gender perspective, and in methods and consequences of research evaluation in economics. Her research interests extend to microfinance, women’s empowerment and migrations. She collaborates with Minerva - Laboratory on Gender Diversity and Gender Inequality

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Sexual Harassment and Wages: The Paradox of Power

Article | Jun 2, 2023

The wage effect of hostile working conditions, mainly in terms of sexual harassment risk in the workplace, should be considered and monitored as a first critical step in making women less vulnerable at work and increasing their bargaining power.

The Wage Effect of Workplace Sexual Harassment: Evidence for Women in Europe

Paper Working Paper | | Jun 2023

Changes to deeply entrenched systems of unequal gender power dynamics, roles and relations, underpinned by patriarchal values, are part of an effective response to the prevention of sexual harassment and its economic consequences.

Why We Need Diversity and Pluralism in Economics, Part II

Article | Mar 22, 2019

INET talks to Jayati Ghosh and Marina Della Giusta

Why We Need Diversity and Pluralism in Economics, Part I

Article | Mar 8, 2019

INET talks to Alicia Bárcena Ibarra, Claudia Goldin, and Maria Cristina Marcuzzo

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Quantifying Sexual Harassment

Video | Nov 29, 2023

Giulia Zacchia focuses on the dynamics of power and gender in the labor market, revealing how sexual harassment not only impacts individual women but also perpetuates broader societal inequalities.


From the Origins of Economic Ideas to the Challenges of Our Time

Event Plenary | Oct 21–23, 2017

INET gathered hundreds of new economic thinkers in Edinburgh to discuss the past, present, and future of the economics profession.