Economics of Innovation

Focusing on understanding the context in which innovation is possible, and examining the role of innovation in growth and distribution.


How Government Drives Innovation

May 25, 2018

Bill Janeway explains why “efficiency is the enemy of innovation,” and how venture capitalists and the state advance technological change

YSI Event

Innovation, Institutions and Governance

Sep 16–19, 2017

The YSI Economics of Innovation Working Group in partnership with the Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance, Tallinn University of Technology is hosting a YSI Conference on “Innovation, Institutions and Governance”.

Conference Session

Stimulating Innovation & Growth

Apr 9, 2015 | 06:45—08:15

Conference Session

Speculation and Innovation

Apr 10, 2014 | 04:15—05:30


The Nature of Invention

Jun 26, 2014

The Institute for New Economic Thinking at Oxford researchers and collaborators data mine 200 years of US Patent Office records to uncover the true nature of innovation.


Is Innovation a Good Thing? The Innovation Gap in Pink and Black

Apr 2014

Innovation, the commercialization of invention, is both desirable and necessary for growth and higher living standards in modern economies. Innovation’s contribution to the economy is being measured increasingly more precisely, and its contribution has been assessed aseconomically important and growing.


How Superstar Companies Like Apple Are Killing America’s High-Tech Future

Dec 8, 2014

Few would argue that America’s fortunes rise and fall on its ability to generate technological innovations — to put bold ideas to work and then bring them to market.


Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation: new ideas for investment-led growth

Mar 19, 2015

“The important thing for Government is not to do things which individuals are doing already, and to do them a little better or a little worse; but to do those things which at present are not done at all.” John M. Keynes, The End of Laissez Faire, 1926 (p. 44)


Governing With A Higher Purpose To Spur Innovation

Nov 7, 2014

How can the state manage its central role in the innovation economy if the state itself has become an instrument for facilitating corporate predation?