Douglass Carmichael

Douglass Carmichael is a consultant on Strategy for INET. Started physics at Caltech, PhD from Berkeley in human development, post doc of Harvard’s Center for Cognitive Studies and lived in Mexico City while studying at Eric Fromm’s Institute for psychoanalysis. Professor at University of California at Santa Cruz then lived in Washington DC for many years continuing private practice, strategic consulting with many organizations including the Hewlett-Packard, World Bank, Bell laboratories, The White House and the State Department and ran the network for Al Gore’s Reinventing government. For the last ten years has focused on the broad social science issues relevant to rethinking humanity’s relationship to nature. Lives on the Russian River and spends two days a week in Palo Alto leading two seminars on strategic conversations. Started the Stanford Strategy Studio and is most interested in the relationship between the humanities and economics. Member of the American Anthropology Association.

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The Mechanical Turn in Economics and Its Consequences

Article | Mar 20, 2017

In the age of Adam Smith, an economics that masqueraded as natural science and excluded the human condition actually suited the interests of the landed and the wealthy

Should we really be 'learning to love' the robots?

Article | Jun 7, 2016

A response to Arjun Jayadev’s argument about the impact of automation on our work and life