Edward Jung founded Intellectual Ventures in 1999 after leaving Microsoft Corporation where he was chief architect. At Intellectual Ventures, he serves as the chief technology officer, setting strategic technology and new business models for the company, and was responsible for expansion into Asia.

At Microsoft, Edward managed projects relating to Web platforms, semantic web technology, intelligent operating systems, adaptive user interfaces and artificial intelligence. He co-founded many Microsoft teams including Windows NT, Microsoft Research, mobile and consumer products, and web services. Before joining Microsoft in February 1990, Edward founded the Deep Thought Group, working on neural network chips for learning and parallel computation. His biomedical research work in the 1980’s in protein structure and function was published in journals including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and the Journal of Biochemistry.

An avid inventor, Edward holds over 500 patents worldwide and has over 1,200 patents pending. His inventions are in the areas of biomedicine, computing, networking, energy, and material sciences.

Edward served as an advisor to Harvard Medical School, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Institute for Systems Biology and consulted to the Asia Pacific Federation, the Aspen Institute, the China Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences, and the World Health Organization

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Something for Everyone: Building Incentives for Innovation Ecosystems

Paper Conference paper | | Apr 2013

Healthy innovation economies are the main driver of prosperity in the 21st century. But the three players that have traditionally sponsored basic research and invention in those economies are no longer willing or able to perform that role.