Jack Gao

Jack Gao is a Program Economist at the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

He is interested in international economics and finance, energy policy, economic development, and the Chinese economy. 

He previously worked in financial product and data departments in Bloomberg Singapore, and reported on Asian financial markets in Bloomberg News from Shanghai. 

Jack holds a MPA in International Development from Harvard Kennedy School, and a B.S. in Economics from Singapore Management University. 

He has published articles on China Policy Review and Harvard Kennedy School Review. 

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What Is Technology? Enabler, Accelerator, or Displacer?

Article | Oct 2, 2020

Technology has coevolved with human societies and played critical roles in past social and economic transformations. From the invention of steam engines to the use of electricity, technological changes were responsible for boosting productivity gains and increasing standards of living. But what really is technology? Is it an external force outside our control, or do we have a say in its direction, development, and deployment? These questions were undoubtedly made more urgent with the rapid advancement in digital technologies of late.

The Future of Work: What’s at Stake

Article | Sep 29, 2020

INET explores how technological and economic changes are affecting employment

AI is Forcing Us to Rethink Economics

Article | Aug 9, 2019

INET’s grantees and Commission on Global Economic Transformation are looking at artificial intelligence and society.

The Dismal Science and the Beautiful Game

Article | Jun 20, 2018

A light-hearted economic analysis of the World Cup

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Jack Gao appeared on Arirang News to discuss American Chinese relations

News Dec 15, 2020

Joseph Bosco former China country director in the U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense, and Jack Gao, Program Economist at INET appeared on Arirang News to discuss whether the U.S.-China rivalry will improve under a Biden administration.