Katya Klinova

Katya Klinova directs the strategy and execution of the AI, Labor, and the Economy Research Programs at the Partnership on AI, focusing on studying the mechanisms for steering AI progress towards greater equality of opportunity and improving the working conditions along the AI supply chain. In this role, she oversees multiple programs including the AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative.

Prior to PAI, Katya’s graduate research focused on examining the potential impact of AI advancement on the economic growth prospects of developing countries. She worked at the UN Executive Office of the Secretary-General on preparing the launch of the SG’s Strategy for New Technology, and at Google in a variety managerial roles in Chrome, Play, Developer Relations, and Search departments, where she was responsible for launching and driving the worldwide adoption of Google’s early AI-enabled services.

Katya holds an MPA in International Development from Harvard University (USA), a B.Sc. cum laude in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Rostov State University (Russia), and a Joint M.Sc. in Networks and Data Science from University of Reading (UK), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), where she was a Mundus Scholar.

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What Is Technology? Enabler, Accelerator, or Displacer?

Article | Oct 2, 2020

Technology has coevolved with human societies and played critical roles in past social and economic transformations. From the invention of steam engines to the use of electricity, technological changes were responsible for boosting productivity gains and increasing standards of living. But what really is technology? Is it an external force outside our control, or do we have a say in its direction, development, and deployment? These questions were undoubtedly made more urgent with the rapid advancement in digital technologies of late.

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What are the choices we must make to ensure technology empowers, augments, rewards, and respects the majority, not the few, given its increasing defining role in future economies and societies?

The Future of Work | What is Technology? Accelerator, Enabler, or Displacer?

moderated by Katya Klinova with Long Chen, Anton Korinek and John Van Reenen

Event Webinar | Sep 29, 2020

Human societies have always coevolved with technology, but how can we think of technology? Is it an external force outside our control, or do we have a say in its direction, development and deployment?