Interviews, presentations and video series with provocative economic thinkers, public figures and students.


Why We Must Resist Conventional Economic Wisdom

Apr 17, 2019

Dani Rodrik says that when ideas become conventional wisdom, we are blind to their limitations


Is Free Money the Future of the Safety Net?

Feb 6, 2019

Universal Basic Income is gaining in popularity, among socialists and libertarians alike. But when it comes to implementation, the devil is in the details.


The Best Way to Measure Inequality

Jan 30, 2019

Thomas Piketty and his colleagues have insisted that tax records are better for measuring inequality than income surveys. They’re wrong.


To Be a Good Citizen, You Need Not Be Rich

Nov 23, 2018

LSE Director Minouche Shafik says that for democracy to work, we must keep the market out of certain domains


A Market for Votes?

Nov 16, 2018

Michael Sandel and Joe Stiglitz discuss why selling votes is bad for democracy, and how individual self-interest doesn’t always serve the public good


How Despair Fueled Trump

Sep 19, 2018

Trump’s surprise win areas looked like a drug overdose map


George Soros: 10 Years After the Crash

Sep 15, 2018

George Soros and Rob Johnson Discuss the Causes and Consequences of the 2008 Financial Crisis


When Meritocracy Breeds Greed

Jul 18, 2018

Journalist Steven Brill discusses how the U.S. lost sight of the common good


Why We Need a Federal Jobs Guarantee

Jul 11, 2018

13 million people looking for living wage work is not a “full employment” economy


Michael Sandel on INET's What Money Can't Buy Video Series

Apr 12, 2018

Ahead of the series launch, Harvard’s Michael Sandel discusses the moral limits of markets with Rob Johnson