Elham Saeidinezhad

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A Fight Over Inequality: The 5% Vs. The Rest

Article | Apr 29, 2014

In late 2007, the United States started feeling the effects of the Great Recession. And over the ensuing two years the economic disaster spread across the globe.

The Exchange Rate as a Monetary Phenomenon

Article | Mar 6, 2014

What exactly is an exchange rate?

Modeling a World of Imperfect Knowledge

Article | Dec 21, 2013

Does it matter if the Rational Expectations Hypothesis is unrealistic?

Our Hansen Moment

Article | Dec 5, 2013

The main goal of the macroeconomist is to understand the sources behind business cycles and the behavior of financial markets in the modern economy.

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The Evolving Dynamics of Global Dollar Funding

Video | May 8, 2024

What does the future hold for finance?