Trevon D. Logan is the Hazel C. Youngberg Trustees Distinguished Professor of Economics at The Ohio State University and currently serves as the Faculty Fellow for Special Priorities at Ohio State’s College of Arts and Sciences. He is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He has held visiting appointments at Princeton University’s Center for Health and Well-Being and at the University of Michigan, where he was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholar in Health Policy Research. He is also an affiliate of the Initiative in Population Research, the Center for Human Resource Research, the Food Innovation Center, and the Criminal Justice Research Center at Ohio State. He currently serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Economic Literature, Journal of Economic Perspectives and has served on the editorial boards of Explorations in Economic History, Journal of Economic History, Historical Methods and Demographic Research.

Professor Logan specializes in economic history, economic demography and applied microeconomics.

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Inclusive American Economic History

Article | Jan 17, 2020

Containing Slaves, Freedmen, Jim Crow laws and the Great Migration

Inclusive American Economic History: Containing Slaves, Freedmen, Jim Crow Laws, and the Great Migration

Paper Working Paper Series | | Jan 2020

This paper records the path by which African Americans were transformed from enslaved persons in the American economy to partial participants in the progress of the economy.

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The Coastal Review cites INET's Working Paper on the economic history of African Americans

News Feb 23, 2021

“Economic opportunity was further restricted by individual and institutionalized racism and political disenfranchisement. Discrimination in hiring by employers and intimidation of black workers through violence placed black workers at a direct disadvantage in the labor market,” Trevon Logan Peter Temin wrote in “Inclusive American Economic History: Containing Slaves, Freedmen, Jim Crow Laws, and the Great Migration,” a working paper written for the Institute for New Economic Thinking.” — Coastal Review

Measuring the Danger of Segregation

Video | Mar 4, 2020

Trevon Logan discusses the impact of structural racism in health and economics