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@Academia and Public, Berlin: And then it was all about the history...

Sep 15, 2011

It’s not everyday that one finds economists using history as not just the right way but the only way to answer a question.


The long - and tedious - road to rankings

Aug 15, 2011

To celebrate its 100 years of publishing, the AER published a special issues, whose retrospective part consisted of a list of the 20 most important articles, assembled by a committee which included Kenneth J. Arrow, B. Douglas Bernheim, Martin S. Feldstein, Daniel L. McFadden, James M. Poterba, and Robert M. Solow, and an essay on the history of the AER by Robert A. Margo.


Of the difference between the historian and the filmmaker

Aug 12, 2011

Months ago, I got a message from a friend that was a swift and excited line: Errol Morris was writing a series of posts about science, even more remarkable about Thomas Kuhn.