Future of Europe

New perspectives on Europe’s unfolding financial, economic and political crises


From Brexit to the Future

Jul 11, 2016

The EU is preparing to take a tough line with Britain, in order to deter other member states from following it out of the Union. But it is the neoliberal agenda that has prevailed for last four decades, benefiting only the top 1%, that is fueled voter anger on both sides of the Atlantic.


Economists are Divided over Brexit

Jun 19, 2016

Some predict global economic catastrophe if Britain votes to leave the EU, others foresee a more limited set of consequences — and some see a telling trend in the public ignoring economists’ warnings


A New Economic Paradigm to Fight Populism

Jun 15, 2016

Globalisation was once considered a doctrine of salvation - but it has produced too many losers and created a breeding ground for heralds of simplistic truths. It is high time for a new doctrine.