INET Climate Crisis Collection

A collection of INET’s most important articles, videos, interviews, and working papers that deal with the climate crisis


The New Climate War

Apr 22, 2021

Climate scientist Michael Mann discusses his new book, The New Climate War, in which he outlines the many ways in which powerful interests deflect, divide, and delay, to prevent real action that would avert the climate crisis


The Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal

UMass Amherst professor and PERI Co-Director Robert Pollin discusses his latest book that he co-authored with Noam Chomsky

Feb 25, 2021


Changing the Conversation on the Climate Emergency

Feb 22, 2021

David Fenton, the founder of the progressive PR firm Fenton Communications, takes a close look at what needs to be done to improve how we talk about the climate emergency so that everyone listens and acts accordingly


Naomi Klein & Avi Lews

May 12, 2020

Rob talks to activist and author Naomi Klein and to documentarian Avi Lewis about how the pandemic has spurred the “shock doctrine”: the sudden imposition of neoliberalism and austerity in response to a crisis. They also discuss the possibilities of a new international solidarity around a global Green New Deal.


How We Can Avoid Climate Catastrophe

Nov 21, 2018

A new report shows an economically viable path to net-zero CO2 emissions in key industries by 2060


Pathways & Obstacles to a Low-carbon Economy

Apr 27, 2017

The energy transition is happening. But the pace of change depends on a range of technical, business, and societal factors.