Igor Bashmakov

One of the leading Russian experts in climate change; modeling and projections of global and Russian greenhouse gas emissions; development of GHG emission reduction strategies, including regulatory, legislative, institutional, economic, and financial aspects. Areas of expertise include: Russian and world energy development projections; comparative analyses of energy sectors and energy efficiency of the former USSR, USA, and West Europe; development and implementation of national, regional, and municipal energy efficiency legislation and policies; restructuring of housing and utility sector; economic and financial analysis and monitoring of energy efficiency projects; development of feasibility studies and business plans for energy efficiency projects; projections of power and heat markets development; analysis of tariffs dynamics and revenues; restructuring of energy resource and utility services markets.

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Carbon Decoupling?

Article | Jul 26, 2016

A comment on Goher-Ur-Rehman Mir and Servaas Storm’s Carbon Emissions and Economic Growth: Production Based vs Consumption-Based Evidence on Decoupling