Articles and analyses from the INET community on the key economic questions of our time.


COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Surge: The Impact of Wisconsin’s In-person Primary Vote

May 27, 2020

The world is on edge at the prospect of a resurgent wave of infections. Models and speculation are rife, but facts remain scarce, which is why the events in Wisconsin on April 7, and their eventual impact, are so important.


Payroll Share, Real Wage and Labor Productivity Across US States

Apr 30, 2020

States can be sorted into two groups with statistically significantly different productivity regimes. In this sense, the US economy shows signs of dualism—which is the idea that the economy consists of heterogeneous units that exhibit different behaviors and levels of performance.


Rule Number 1 for Government Bailouts of Companies: Make Sure Voters and Taxpayers Share in the Upside

Mar 23, 2020

If the public is to be called upon for the second time in twelve years to bail out businesses, it should get something back for its money. Bailed out firms should be compelled to issue convertible bonds to the government.


MIT Economist on Coronavirus: Young People “Going to Get Squashed”

Mar 19, 2020

The younger generation, already saddled with student debt and uncertain jobs, will pay a high price as the crisis unfolds.


Modeling Myths of Climate Change

Feb 10, 2020

How models treat innovation may be just as important as their assumptions about climate damages


A Money View of Keynes, Keynesians, and Post-Keynesians

Feb 4, 2020

The central bank today is not just the government’s bank, but also a bankers’ bank, a truly hybrid institution


Brexit and the UK election: Experts, Uncertainty, and Political Economy

Dec 19, 2019

One thing is clear – the ‘get Brexit done’ slogan resonated in a country which had been living on a series of knife edges as one ‘crunch’ time after another came and went.