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​Apple’s “Capital Return Program”: Where Are the Patient Capitalists?

Instead of rewarding the taxpayers and employees who actually create value for the tech giant, Apple is doling out massive stock buybacks Read more

Why Dodd-Frank Is a Shell Game for Banks

Ten years after the crisis, financial regulation leaves taxpayers holding the bag for banks’ safety net. Read more

Joseph Stiglitz and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talk Social and Economic Justice

A Nobel Prize-winning economist and the second-most-famous democratic socialist in America sit down together Read more

When the Levee Broke

Ten years ago, the financial crisis washed away faith and trust in economics as a guide to social prosperity. Filling a void is difficult. We are still hard at work.  Read more

The Rise of Hedge Fund Activism

How corporate raiders coopted “shareholder democracy” for their own ends Read more

The American Behind the Deutsche Mark

70 years ago today, Edward A. Tenenbaum helped pull off an astounding feat—successfully reforming Germany’s currency after World War II Read more