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Why Hysteria Over the Italian Budget Is Wrong-Headed

Reactions to the size of the proposed plan rely on discredited assumptions and betray a fundamental misunderstanding of economic growth—and austerity  Read more

Macroeconomics Predicted the Wrong Crisis

Distracted by the perceived threat of a Chinese savings glut, mainstream macroeconomists missed the writing on the wall of the 2008 crisis Read more

Mortgage Fraud Fueled the Financial Crisis—and Could Again

Both before 2008 and today, there’s a disturbing tendency in Washington to not take mortgage fraud seriously Read more

Rethinking Social Progress in the 21st Century

A new report examines the path to global social progress. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers Read more

Italy’s Crisis Is the Left’s Crisis

When politics is defined in terms of “populism” vs. “the mainstream,” the possibility for real economic reform is diminished. Read more

Worrying About the Deficit is So 17th Century

In “celebration” of the late Pete Peterson’s 92nd birthday (see guest list), an excerpt from 19th Century historian Lord Macaulay’s History of England, on hundreds of years of unwarranted panic about government debt. Read more

The Real Driver of Rising Inequality

Wage suppression—not monopoly power—is fueling corporate profits and the growing gap between rich and poor Read more