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Double Whammy: Implicit Subsidies and the Great Financial Crisis

A financial industry safety net enriches bankers and their shareholders — at our expense Read more

Market Power, Low Productivity, and Lagging Wages: The Real Drivers

To understand labor productivity—and growing inequality—you have to look at the “dual economy” Read more

Social Stability and Resource Allocation within Business Groups

In China, the government uses the purses strings of state-owned enterprises to control social unrest Read more

Ending the Wild West of Sovereign Debt Restructuring

Clear rules and sound principles for debt restructuring would level the playing field between developing countries and creditors Read more

Reproducibility Crisis Reaches All Randomised Controlled Trials

The social and medical sciences depend on randomised control trials – though they face more assumptions and biases than commonly thought. Read more

Who Says Labor Laws Are “Luxuries”?

The World Bank and IMF say developing economies can’t afford to have strong labor laws. Actually, they can’t afford not to. Read more

Why We Need a Global Public Economics

Global public goods, from health to peace to security, crisscross national and social boundaries. We need a new economic theory to understand their pivotal role in the global economy. Read more