Race and Economics From INET

A collection of INET’s research and articles on race and the US economy, reposted in connection with recent protests against police brutality in Black communities.


The Political Economy of Mass Incarceration: An Analytical Model

May 2017

This paper presents a model of mass incarceration in the United States, which has the largest proportion of its population imprisoned among advanced countries.


Sadie Alexander: An Economist Ahead of Her Time

Feb 7, 2018

Nina Banks assesses the legacy of the first African-American economist in the United States


Why Can’t Economics See Race?

Oct 19, 2016

Theoretical dogmas that are literally blind to the causes of the racism that determines the economic fates of most African-Americans leaves the economics profession unable to comprehend or recognize remedies for a key driver of America’s crippling inequality. Instead, conventional economic models unmindfully shape policies that actually exacerbate racial conflict.