Edward J. Kane: A Short Tribute

On the passing away of Edward J. Kane

Everyone at INET is dismayed by the news of the passing of our long-time colleague, Dr. Edward J. Kane. Ed Kane worked with us for many years and no short discussion can adequately convey the importance of his many contributions. INET was born out of the conviction that the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 pointed to serious defects in how mainstream economics analyzes finance. Dr. Kane’s strikingly innovative and beautifully argued papers showed better than anyone else’s just how correct that supposition is.

His papers and some of his presentations for INET can be found here:

Short introductions to his leading ideas include:

Dr. Kane repeatedly expressed his gratitude to INET for supporting and publishing research that other well-known research institutions frowned upon. We were proud to do it and we will miss him very much. We extend our deepest sympathy to his children and their families.

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