Economics Curriculum Committee

To change economics, we must change how it is taught.

From Fall 2010 through the Bretton Woods conference in April 2011, the Institute’s Economics Curriculum committee, chaired by Robert Skidelsky in the United Kingdom and Perry Mehrling in the United States laid the groundwork for this ambitious project:

Joint product:

UK Committee product:

US Committee product:

The UK Economics Curriculum Committee (ECC) consists of:

  • Robert Skidelsky (chairman)
  • Christian Westerlind Wigstrom (executive secretary)
  • Ha-Joon Chang
  • Geoffrey Hodgson
  • John Kay
  • Felix Martin
  • Marcus Miller (August-December)
  • Richard Bronk (January-April)

The US ECC consists of:

  • Perry Mehrling (chairman)
  • Daniel H. Neilson (executive secretary)
  • Barbara Craig
  • Brad DeLong
  • Kevin Hoover
  • Joyce Jacobsen
  • Steve Ziliak

The ECCs were charged with:

(1) identifying the shortcomings of the present undergraduate curricula in the US and the UK;
(2) outlining the principles of reform;
(3) and devising concrete deliverables to implement that reform

To ensure that the work of the Committee was anchored within a broader community of economists, both ECCs assembled panels of international experts responsible for giving feedback on papers and other deliverables. The UK panel includes, among others, authorities such as Sir Tony Atkinson, Sir David Hendry, Jon Aisbitt, Deepak Lal, Victoria Chick, Luigi Spaventa and Alfonso Prat Gay. The US panel includes Zvi Bodie, Beatrice Cherrier, David Colander, Tyler Cowen, Peter Dorman, Neva Goodwin, and Jack Reardon.