To improve the way economics is taught, INET supports the development of course materials that can be widely adopted.

INET’s education projects expand the scope of economics as a discipline, critically examining the conceptual foundations of existing approaches and ensuring economics serves society.

Educator Convenings

As part of our broader mission to reform economics, INET has held convenings with the academic economics community across the U.S. These gatherings have helped INET better understand the challenges those striving to reinvigorate the economics discipline face, and what resources they need to advance their work.

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The Curriculum in Open-access Resources in Economics (CORE) project, launched in October 2013, is developing a new approach to economics teaching for undergraduates.

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Economics Curriculum Committee

In the wake of the Financial Crisis, Robert Skidelsky proposed fostering new economic thinking through a wholesale reform of undergraduate economics education. In response, INET formed two committees to investigate economics curriculum.

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