I Have to Act Like an Adult in Hong Kong

The INET conference in Hong Kong is serious business.

Students will be wearing suits for the first time since their cousin’s wedding only to bump into senior public servants with buffed cuff-links who in turn are mingling with billionaires and Nobel Prize winners. It’s seriously adult stuff.

It’s just a shame that I will probably be too giddy to notice. In fairness I will try not to gush at people; like I may have done with Axel Leijonhufvud last year, or Richard Koo, or Robert Skidelsky, or… well… that’s not really the point.

At some level I’d like to think that Steve Keen, Adam Posen or even George Soros look forward to this conference with both excitement and a bit of trepidation. And I’d like to think that despite their best efforts to be very adult, a part of them is feeling that very childlike fascination in the build up to what is a veritable feast of economic thought and ideas.

So in short, I will try to behave in an adult fashion over the coming days, but I don’t make any promises, except to have some fun, and report on what I find there. All requests welcome :)

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