Diversity and Pluralism in Economics: Problems and Solutions

This new series on diversity and pluralism will explore different takes on and claims about the challenges of women and minorities in economics, opening up a debate on a range of questions: How does the battle for self-determination and equality interact with a wider fight for academic freedom? Is diversity a proxy for a pluralism of ideas in economics? How can we take action to change existing models and assumptions? These issues and more will be considered through a series of original articles and interviews. Note: The series represents a variety of different viewpoints, but we realize it will not and cannot be exhaustive. -Orsola Costantini and Giulia Zacchia, editors.


Fighting for Gender Equality in Economics Is Not Nearly Enough

Mar 1, 2019

The field of economics is aggressively sexist and biased against new and unconventional ideas. Revelations about gender and ethnic discrimination show the need to reorient the whole system toward more freedom, respect, openness, and pluralism. But how?