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Besiana Balla

Coordinator of the YSI Innovation Working Group

Besiana Balla is currently a doctoral student at the  Centre d’Économie de l’Université Paris-Nord. Her research deals with information global value chains, internet of things, smart factories and the theory of the firm by analyzing the role of institutions, the social construction of markets, and the organization and governance of the firm itself.

Previously she has obtained an Erasmus Mundus Double Degree in Economic Policies in the Age of Globalisation (EPOG) from the University of Turin and the University Paris 7 and Paris 13. During her master thesis, she spent a semester as a visiting student in Seoul at Seoul National University in order to proceed with field work on Industry 4.0. During her studies, she was awarded an Erasmus Mundus Excellence Scholarship for the 2 year period. 

Besiana has a Bachelor in Economics and Business from the University of Rome LUISS Guido Carli in partnership with the Utrecht School of Economics. 

Between her bachelor and masters, she has 2 years of experience both in the field of incubators and venture capital funds, that fostered her interest in the start-up world and the digital economy. In 2014 together with Laurène Tran she founded the Economics of Innovation Working Group.  

Together with Ingrid Harvold KvangravenDevika Dutt and Jenny Tue Anh Nguyen, she co-founded the Diversity Task Force, with the purpose of promoting and addressing the issue of diversity and representation in the economics profession.

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