Articles and analyses from the INET community on the key economic questions of our time.


After QE2, what then?

Apr 17, 2011

And what was QE about anyway?


Anglo-Saxons versus the Germans

Apr 9, 2011

For one and a half days we had Anglo-Saxons talking finance and financial crisis: Keynesian stimuli, surplus countries bashing, drawing China in, and bullying of the Euro area and in particular Germany’s role in it.


The Future of the Fed

Apr 6, 2011

The Fed changed over the course of the global financial crisis.


The Inherent Instability of Credit

Mar 3, 2011

What kind of “Minsky Moment”?


Brave New World

Feb 27, 2011

Financial Globalization and the Nation State


Inside Job

Jan 23, 2011

And the nominees for Best Documentary are…


G2 Trade Balance Explained

Jan 21, 2011

It is all about promises to pay in the future.


Market Volatility and QE2

Nov 15, 2010

The first thing to say about QE2 is that it is a very different operation from QE1.


When Wolves Cry “Wolf”: Systemic Financial Crises and the Myth of the Danaid Jar

Apr 10, 2010

Presented at the inaugural Conference at King’s College